What’s SAP integration?

SAP integration connects the data in SAP to the data in systems throughout your organization.  Businesses that do not integrate their SAP systems run the risk of failing to optimize critical business functions, resulting in reduced business agility and business process inefficiencies. Therefore business are looking for integrating multiple stand-alone applications into a single application to reduce integration cost while focusing on profitable growth.

SAP interfaces provide the option to connect externam systems to SAP. There are advantages and disadvantages of each interfaces. Integration can be done via RFC , BAPI , IDoc , SOAP , REST , SAP HANA interfaces. Integration should be done correctly and data exchange between systems should be done quickly as it is vital for operation of the business.

What can we do?

Our expertise about Sap integration;

Implementing, testing and commissioning SAP-integration between PLC,  Wonderware System Platform – MII and SAP