What’s S88

S88, shorthand for ANSI/ISA-88, is a standard addressing batch process control. It is a design philosophy for describing equipment, and procedures. It is not a standard for software, it is equally applicable to manual processes. It was approved by the ISA in 1995 and updated in 2010. Its original version was adopted by the IEC in 1997 as IEC 61512-1.

S88 provides a consistent set of standards and terminology for batch control and defines the physical model, procedures, and recipes. The standard sought to address the following problems: lack of a universal model for batch control, difficulty in communicating user requirement, integration among batch automation suppliers, difficulty in batch control configuration. (Source wikipedia)

What’s S95?

ANSI/ISA-95, or ISA-95 as it is more commonly referred, is an international standard from the International Society of Automation for developing an automated interface between enterprise and control systems. This standard has been developed for global manufacturers. It was developed to be applied in all industries, and in all sorts of processes, like batch processes, continuous and repetitive processes.

The objectives of ISA-95 are to provide consistent terminology that is a foundation for supplier and manufacturer communications, provide consistent information models, and to provide consistent operations models which is a foundation for clarifying application functionality and how information is to be used. (Source wikipedia)

Which courses do we offer?

S88 training and education for the customer and project group.

S95 training and education for the customer and project group.

OEE Education and teaching in OEE-systems in an close co-operation with the LEAN-team. Building a training-site.

Customer minded training and workshops in integrated Batch systems and Wonderware’s System platform, for giving the operators more knowledge about the implemented application.

How do we make training sessions?

Training can be held both online or in a specific location.